scatterbug said: why u mad at m e ? ? ? ?____?????

because u like league you fui ckign NERD

why can’t thesis statements just pop into my head. why is this process so hard. it’s a sentence. this one sentence is keeping me awake and ruining my life. my family is being torn apart. my village is in ruins. no one will survive


if plane tickets were ten dollars i would fight every one of my mutuals


nah son, i ain’t got no snapchat. I’m old-fashioned. just fax it to me. fax me the nudes.

spookiakuchiki replied to your post: i have one hour to write a 5 page essa…

we get to laugh at their stupidity and hijinks and laughter makes the world go ‘round. that adds value to everyday life

i’m going to write “make a sex tape and maybe you’ll become famous” in 96 pt font. there. done

i have one hour to write a 5 page essay on how keeping up with the kardashians adds value to everyday life uhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said: whats your favourite piece of classical music?


gee by snsd

me beginning of day: I am going to shower wash my hair exfoliate moisturise drink 2 litres of water eat lots of fruit and vegetables do the laundry and dishes read a book pet a dog help the homeless donate to cancer and finish all my work
me end of the day: still in bed rotting away


nature how do you just casually do this


*after I give someone a blowjob*

well that’s the end of this blowjob remember to rate the blowjob comment the blowjob and subscribe if you wanna have blowjobs similar to this one see ya


me: *accidentally makes a noise that sounds like a fart*
me: *makes noise 500 more times so anyone who heard it knows i did not fart*